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Model  Type Apperance Color For MaterialsViscosity mpa.s/25°C
801APAOWhiteSofa and swivel Chair2500Pa.s
802APAOAmberSofa and swivel Chair6500Pa.s
803APAOMilk yellowSofa and swivel Chair2400Pa.s


It is easy for continuous automatic high-speed operation;without solvent and smell,non-flammable;the bonding process is simple;have good adhesion and flexibility.


For materials

Mainly used for sofa and swivel Chair,foam mattress,white electronic board,car foot mat,carpet and flooring,suite bag and handbag,artware,printing materials,packing materials,edge of furniture etc.Could bond sponge,foam,fabric,wood,paper,thermal insulant materials,eva etc.


Notes for operating

1.This product shall not be used in combination with other types of adhesive.

2.During the thermal operation,such as adding materials to hot melt glue grooev,should wear protective glasses and heat-resistant gloves.

3.The operation places should be well ventilated and avoid the fire.


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