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ModelProduct NameExecutive
For industry

Multi-purpose Aerosol Spray Adhesive


Indoor decoration, furniture repair, wind power industry

Main Ingredients

Synthetic rubber, thicken resin, environment-friendly solvent oil, butane, propane, dimethyl ether etc.


Common Uses

Bonds a wide range of light weight materials, especially suited for the industrial production of  computerized embroidery, wind torbin blade, cabin cover, yacht and also used for the maintenance

bond at home, company and factory.



Fast, aggressive tack and easy application.

High solids and spray on larger area ( 1.5 - 2 times )  than the current similar spray adhesive.

The spraying grain is thin and even, low penetration, not corrode materials and save adhesive.

15-20 minutes of leading time, enhance work flexibility and improve efficiency.

Widely used for factory, company and home.



This product is packed under pressure, and is easy to explode when it is near heat.

Store away from heat and fire source, or store out of direct sunlight for long time.

Please keep the product out of kid’s reach.

After finish the adhesive inside dump at the place there is no people and puncture the tank wall with iron nail.

Store it under 49℃ in well ventilated and cool place.

Contact with eye, wash with a mount of water and see doctor immediately. Contact with skin, wash with soap and water.



2 years in normal temperature. If the adhesive does not go bad after 2 years, it still can be used.


Executive Standard

National standard: GB18583-2008       

Enterprise standard: Q/TQ003-2008



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