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Main Ingredients

Butane, propane, environment-friendly solvent

oil, hydrated amorphous silica, etc.


1. Using imported raw materials and the latestinternational environmental protection for-mula, pass the SGS certification testing. Do

not contain international disable harmfulc-hemical substances, excluding destructionof atmospheric ozone layer composition;

2. This product is the adsorption of dry lotion,contains high efficient special cleaning gra-ins, can be quickly dissolved, adsorption and remove all kinds of oil pollution on fabric fi-ber wool, cotton, hemp, clothes, hats, ties,sofa sets and does not destroy the fabric;

3. Fast dry, efficient, convenient,improve the production efficiency.


The product is mainly used for clean the oil and

grease on the knitting textiles, suitable for the

cleaning job at textile mills, garment factories

and dry cleaners.


1. Shake well before use. Face the nozzle to the object at about  20 cm distance and spray itevenly;

2. Let dry completely (20seconds) to white powder, gently brush off white powder, the oil will be cleaned immediately. Stains con-taining sugar need to be sponged with wet cloth to after being treated with spot lifter;

3. Stubborn oil grease need the repeat cleaning operation if necessary.


1. This product is not suitable for raincoat , ru-bber or plastic foam products, fur products;

2. When spray do not face the nozzle to eyes,please keep the product out of kids reach;

3. This product is packed with pressure, store away from heat and fire source, dont throwto the fire after finish.

4. Before using this product, test firstly with the same fabric material to test if has color fading or bad phenomenon.


Store it in cool and well ventilated place not

exceeding 50.


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