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Main Ingredients  

Light smell eco-friendly solvent, macromolecule activator,

stabilizer, petroleum gas and another non-toxic ingredient.

Products Characteristic

High-performance eco-friendly cleaner with advanced fo-

rmula, without toxic ingredient which is harmful to the atm-

osphere. The product had passed the SGS international test-

ing, harmless to the human body and environment.Goowin 910

has a super strong detergency, can clean the different blot and

gel residues very easily, only spray and wipe lightly, the dirty

surface will be clean, no residues, no corrosion, no damage to

the surface.


Suitable for all materials surface, can quickly get rid of the

gel residues from spray glue, multi-purpose adhesive, self-

adhesives, fingerprint, spot, oil blot, a good cleaning helper

for home living and creating eco-office environment.Appli-

cation as following:

1Construction materials : wall, door & windows, curtain wall,ceramics, flooring, wood, plastic, metal, etc

2Furniture & home appliances: sofa, chairs, dinning table,air-conditioner, refrigerator, television, computer, mobile, etc

3Machine appliances: car, electric vehicle , bike, sewing

machine, turning lathe, cutting bed, platen, etc


Shake before using, point the nozzle to the blot surface, spray

wet small area, clean the surface with dry cloth after few sec-

onds.Should clean the surface with wet cloth when apply to

plastic materials.


Suggestion and Precautions

Before cleaning the leather materials, make a test on similar

leather material in case there are fading or other undesirable

phenomena;This product is packed under pressure,store out

of direct sunlight, store away from heat ,fire source and kids

reach;avoid inhalation or prolonged contact with the skin;

store it under 49in well ventilated and cool place.



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